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Did Japan ban microwave ovens due to harmful radio waves? Fact Check

microwave oven ban

A viral message on WhatsApp is making rounds with a claim that the harmful effects of Microwave oven have forced Japan to ban the production and use of Microwave ovens. Surprisingly, it was also found in one of the product reviews of Amazon. The lengthy message reads: “End of Microwave industry!!!!! Japan govt has decided to dispose of all the ...

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Millions of birds die due to wind turbines; What’s the truth [FACT CHECK]

Following US President Joe Biden’s administration announcing on Oct. 15, 2021 that a plan to develop large-scale wind farms along nearly the entire coastline of the country by 2025, the old debate that wind turbines lead to death of birds has come under focus again. Soon after the announcement of Interior Secretary Deb Haaland at a wind power industry conference in Boston, several ...

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Does Mahameru Flower bloom in every 400 years? Fact Check

A picture of a giant yellow flower with leaves resembling a cabbage is going viral on social media. The caption accompanying the image says “Tibet’s unique ‘Pagoda Flower’ is auspicious. This is the Mahameru flower that blooms once every 400 years in the Himalayas. Even in photos, our generation is lucky to see it. Please share so others can see ...

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