Climate Change

Video of scary sound being emitted from a mountain in China is fake 

A viral video allegedly from China is doing rounds. The 3:02 minute-long video claims that a scary echoing sound is being emitted from a mountain in Guizhou, China. The voice-over of the video starts with “Super scary sound emitting from a mountain in Guizhou China for more than 10 days.” The video claims that the source of the sound is ...

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Did NASA find Parallel Universe where time runs Backward? Fact Check

The internet has been abuzz with claims that NASA discovered a parallel universe where time moves in the opposite direction. Several newspapers have carried the story that has topped Google search trends on May 20 and 21, mostly starting from tabloids like the New York Post, Express and the Daily Star—quoting each other—that NASA scientists have evidence that could prove the existence of parallel ...

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Is it true that 5G weakens our immunity and exposes us to Coronavirus? Fact Check 

Unlike many virus cures and home remedies, here’s an oft-repeated claim on social media, opposing 5G mobile phone networks and attributing the spread of coronavirus to 5G towers, which are increasingly becoming the target of attacks in Britain and Canada now. Fifth-generation wireless technology or 5G, is the latest cellular technology that builds on previous generations like 4G and 3G ...

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Split Moon image goes viral on WhatsApp; Fact Check

Split moon

Digiteye India received an image from a contact on WhatsApp that showed the moon was split in two, seeking its fact check. The message read, “The moon is split in two. Is this real?” As the Islamic holy month of Ramadan is around, such claims have become regular during this period. Similar claim has appeared on Twitter with claims and ...

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Is it rain clouds generator or NASA’s engine test? Fact check

A tweet by Twitter handle @JayasreeVijayan on June 26, 2019 left a volley of retweets and online debate among the well-wishers for a sort of rain machine. It claimed, “Rain clouds generator engine developed by NASA. See where the world is moving.” Rain clouds generator engine developed by Nasa. See where the world is moving…#Amazing…! @ShashiTharoor — JayasreeVijayan (@JayasreeVijayan) ...

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One helipad for PM means cutting 1000 trees? What’s the truth?

A PTI report quoting local Divisional Forest Officer said several trees were removed without obtaining permission for a helipad at Bolangir in Odisha and an enquiry was ordered. PTI later removed the story. The helipad was being constructed for the upcoming visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Soon, ABP News TV channel telecast a news claiming that the helipad at Bolangir ...

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Did Hyderabad Police ban kite flying? No, truth is different!

When PTI puts out a story, it means hundreds of replications in several publications that usually publish its feed automatically without editing. Similarly, a story was put out by the news agency on January 11 and 12 on the eve of the Sankranti festival in Hyderabad, which also coincides with the city’s popular sport of kite flying from the rooftops ...

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