Fact Check: Old video reused to claim police lathicharge amid new lockdown in Maharashtra

As the Maharashtra state government has issued new rules amid growing Covid-19 cases in the state bringing back restrictions on religious, social and political gatherings, some social media posts have started circulating with a claim that policemen are using lathis to hit people who are violating norms. The state government of Maharashtra on February 22 imposed strict rules again including ...

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Do you need to register via phone call to get a COVID-19 vaccine? Fact Check

With a few countries already administering the COVID-19 vaccines to their citizens, vaccine talk has increased the momentum. News about the vaccine distribution mechanism are of utmost importance and many countries, including India, have decided to give the first dosages to frontline workers and then the others. DigitEye Team received a fact check query on its WhatsApp number. The claim ...

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Trump claims 99% of people recover from COVID-19: Fact Check

US President Donald Trump, in the third and final US Presidential Debate on October 23, claimed that the recovery rate of coronavirus infections is a staggering 99%, thus, belittling the viral infection’s impact on people and its deadly impact on humans. To reiterate his stand on opening the country to usual business despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Trump said, “99.9 (percent) ...

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Did Bill Gates-funded Pirbright Institute patent coronavirus? Fact Check

Bill Gates funded Pirbright Institute applied for a patent on coronavirus in 2015, claimed a Facebook post fuelling wild conspiracy theories behind the ongoing pandemic. It said the Event 201 by Bill Gates was a coronavirus simulation that starts in Wuhan, China and that ID 2020 injects toxic vaccine and monitors the movement via 5G. Here is a list of ...

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Can inhalation of steam for a week eliminate coronavirus? Fact Check


A pandemic is also time ripe for the spread of misinformation. The slew of misinformation can range from the speculations of its origin, its effects, and most importantly its cure. With COVID-19, we saw a range of home remedies claiming that they could cure COVID-19 but they were not backed by any concrete scientific evidence. Digiteye received one such claim ...

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Trump’s claim on his body DNA wrongly attributed; Fact Check

A viral image on social media is going viral with a quote attributed to US President Donald Trump. The image has a message below the President’s photo and reads: “The doctors said they’ve never seen a body kill the Coronavirus like my body. They tested my DNA and it wasn’t DNA, it was USA.” The context for the message is ...

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‘The Truth Behind COVID-19’ Pamphlet is Spreading Bizarre Rumours; Fact Check

Ever since COVID-19 took over our lives, there has been a barrage of information regarding the virus, its origin, the effect it has on people, among others. While some of the information is useful, most of them are pieces of misinformation and disinformation. Recently, several social media users shared a picture of a four-column pamphlet which allegedly debunks “the truth ...

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