Covid-19 Vaccine

Queen’s billboard thanking PM Modi for Covid Vaccine goes viral; Fact Check

India has been shipping the Covid-19 vaccines across the world, including major powers such as Canada and the United Kingdom as informed by External Affairs Minister Dr S. Jaishankar. A billboard in this connection appeared in Toronto, Canada recently though the company which had put it up removed later. As thank you note from the heads of recipient states has ...

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Top 4 Covid-19 vaccines are Chinese-made, claims viral post; Fact Check

A claim has been making rounds in social media stating that the Chinese vaccines ranked as top four of the ten global vaccines developed for Covid-19. The claim cited news articles published in October 2020 in US newspaper The New York Times and German broadcaster Deutsche Welle to support their claim that these publications have endorsed the ranking of top ...

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Do you need to register via phone call to get a COVID-19 vaccine? Fact Check

With a few countries already administering the COVID-19 vaccines to their citizens, vaccine talk has increased the momentum. News about the vaccine distribution mechanism are of utmost importance and many countries, including India, have decided to give the first dosages to frontline workers and then the others. DigitEye Team received a fact check query on its WhatsApp number. The claim ...

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Did Bill Gates-funded Pirbright Institute patent coronavirus? Fact Check

Bill Gates funded Pirbright Institute applied for a patent on coronavirus in 2015, claimed a Facebook post fuelling wild conspiracy theories behind the ongoing pandemic. It said the Event 201 by Bill Gates was a coronavirus simulation that starts in Wuhan, China and that ID 2020 injects toxic vaccine and monitors the movement via 5G. Here is a list of ...

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‘The Truth Behind COVID-19’ Pamphlet is Spreading Bizarre Rumours; Fact Check

Ever since COVID-19 took over our lives, there has been a barrage of information regarding the virus, its origin, the effect it has on people, among others. While some of the information is useful, most of them are pieces of misinformation and disinformation. Recently, several social media users shared a picture of a four-column pamphlet which allegedly debunks “the truth ...

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Claims against Bill Gates over Depopulation go viral on social media; Fact Check

A pandemic is a ripe situation for misinformation and disinformation. From coronavirus remedies to falsely attributed videos, some conspiracy theories have spun around Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, the second richest man in the world. One that has been making rounds now is that Gates is scheming to use the outbreak to develop a vaccine that can depopulate the world with ...

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Israeli scientists found Covid-19 vaccine already? Fact check

Israeli COVID-19 vaccine

As the worst global outbreak of the new coronavirus Covid-19 is rattling all the nations worldwide, many claims have been making rounds on social media, especially on WhatsApp. Here’s an image that has reached our fact checking team on March 15. See the image and the claim below it: The above message shared on WhatsApp widely claims, “No More Corona ...

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