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Kareena Kapoor in film "Agent Vinod". Is Kareena Kapoor pregnant second time? Fake old image making rounds.

Is Kareena Kapoor pregnant for second time? No, she’s not!

Kareena Kapoor, the dazzling starlet of Bollywood is now enjoying her life as the proud mom of Taimur. Now, several pictures have surfaced online that shows Kareena sporting a baby bump, interspersed with usual hate messages.

As the images went viral online, several right-wing champions have started trolling the actress, as if becoming a mother for the second time is a heinous crime in India. Interestingly, the hate campaign was started against Kareena soon after she organized a placard protest over the Kathua rape case.

Some people who trolled the actress have gone a step ahead and suggested that the name of Kareena’s second son will be Khilji. In Indian history, Alauddin Khilji was the second ruler in Khilji dynasty that ruled Delhi Sultanate from July 19, 1296 to January 4, 1316.

A year ago, Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan faced criticism from social media users after they named their elder son Taimur.

Extreme right-wing followers argued that the star couple has named their son after the Mongolian emperor Timur. Our search reveals that Timur is a Turkic and Mongolic name which literally means iron in Arabic.
Here are the Tweets:

Another Tweet:

Is Kareena pregnant for the second time? No, they are old pictures!

The pictures of Kareena Kapoor which are now going viral on online spaces are actually real, but they were not taken now. These viral images were actually captured two years ago when Kareena was actually pregnant with Taimur. A baby bump is clearly missing in the recent images of Kareena, and it clearly indicates that the actress is not pregnant with her second baby.

However, rumors about Kareena’s pregnancy became viral mainly due to her remarks on getting pregnant for the second time. In an interview recently, Kareena had revealed that she may think of another baby once Taimur reaches two years. Though there is time, some rumour mongers have jumped the wagon.

Interestingly, Kareena will portray the role of an expecting mother in her next movie which will be made under Karan Johar production.

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