Upcoming Noida International Airport not Asia’s largest as claimed; Fact Check

The upcoming Noida International Airport was coined as Asia’s “biggest” airport by several Union ministers when PM Narendra Modi inaugurated it on November 25, 2021. In all the images, the model of an upcoming airport was widely used without any accreditation. Union Minister of Civil Aviation Jyotiraditya Scindia told media that the upcoming airport in Jewar, Uttar Pradesh, will be ...

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BJP leaders share poster with Srisailam dam in AP as UP dam; Fact Check

As Uttar Pradesh elections are nearing, several claims have become usual on social media and the latest one is by the Bharatiya Janata Party members in the state. Using the image of UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, they showed a poster with an image of a dam to claim that UP’s Bundelkhand region is witnessing infrastructure development under the current ...

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Arvind Kejriwal never said his family roots were in Jan Sangh Parivar; Fact Check

A short video clip is going viral on social media in which AAP chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal says:“Our family was of the Jan Sangh Parivar. We are born ‘BJPwallah’. My father was in Jan Sangh. He went to jail during the emergency.” “हमारा जनसंग का परिवार है , पैदाइशी भाजपा वाले है हम” – संघी केजरीवाल @LambaAlkapic.twitter.com/4eu2otSxk2 ...

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Did Japan ban microwave ovens due to harmful radio waves? Fact Check

microwave oven ban

A viral message on WhatsApp is making rounds with a claim that the harmful effects of Microwave oven have forced Japan to ban the production and use of Microwave ovens. Surprisingly, it was also found in one of the product reviews of Amazon. The lengthy message reads: “End of Microwave industry!!!!! Japan govt has decided to dispose of all the ...

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Video on bananas containing Helicobacter worm is false; Fact Check

banana video

An alarming video is going viral on WhatsApp claiming that around 500 tonnes of Somali banana that had arrived in the markets, contain a worm called Helicobacter. It stated: “Hello friends and people please spread this video as much as possible. Recently, 500 tons of bananas from Somalia arrived in the markets, which contain a worm called Helicobacter that releases ...

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India vaccinated 1 billion “people” or administered one billion doses? Fact Check

The number of COVID-19 vaccine doses administered in India crossed 100 crore doses on October 21, a gigantic milestone achieved by the country. However, there are conflicting statements making rounds in the media, creating lot of confusion about the exact number of  people fully vaccinated. Here’s one such confusing claims on twitter: ONE BILLION vaccinated.. thanks to this great man.. ...

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