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Modi in old photo of Kannada actor Rajkumar with Indira Gandhi? Fact Check

An old photo of Indira Gandhi with Kannada actor Raj Kumar in black and white is going viral on social media showing a young Narendra Modi as standing behind in the group photo. The image shared by some Congress and other AIMIM supporters on Facebook said:”Prime Minister Modi had been a Congress supporter. What do you say now, Bhakts? Here’s ...

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Re-interpreting history to demean Nehru family tree? Fact check

The following image put out by @BJPalindia that vows to reinvent a strategy to save Narendra Modi from Rahul Gandhi. It has brought forward the so-called defeat in the hands of Gandhi-Nehru family members by historic figures in the past and vouches to save Modi from them now. See the picture here: https://www.facebook.com/Bjpalindia/posts/1780293278705962 It reads: “Because of Nehru, Sardar had lost ...

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Did people worship tarred roads in Tripura barefoot? What is the truth?

A photograph featuring a tarred road where people stand barefoot as if they enter a temple is now the hottest debating point among political buffs in India. The image was shared widely by right-wing supporters, and they claimed that it is Narendra Modi’s governance which actually has brought a positive change in India. Some Modi supporters even went ahead and ...

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Rahul Gandhi saluting with left hand? Flipped fake photo goes viral

The attack on Congress President Rahul Gandhi by rivals is visible from the following photograph, which at the very first glance creates resentment for a reader. This photo was not a real one, but flipped, hence showing the right as left hand. Being circulated by YogiSena Gkp on Facebook, this image was photo-shopped to send out a wrong notion about ...

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Akshay Kumar image to rescue Hinduism? Fake images spread on Facebook

Desperation ahead of polls is natural but here’s a new way of interpreting history while seeking votes. Strange interpretations in these images being put out on different platforms of social media tend to misinform people. The following image was put out by @BJPalindia that has vowed to reinvent strategy to save Narendra Modi from Rahul Gandhi. It says that the Nehru ...

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