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Wrong image used to highlight protests by anti-vaaxers in Germany; Fact Check

As Germany is set to impose strict restrictions for the unvaccinated in the wake of rising infections of Covid-19 Omicron variant, several messages started hitting the social media platform, while in some places protests against the restrictions were held. Who wants to start an antivaxx protest?#protest #Proteste #Protesta #verzet #Germany pic.twitter.com/qEEczvbmt3 — Protest News (@ProtestNews_EN) December 4, 2021 As Germany ...

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Assam Congress leader Amjat Ali arrested for smuggling arms in Apple Box? Fact Check

Some viral images have surfaced on social media showing ammunition in an apple bag with a claim that a Congress leader of Assam was smuggling them and plotting an attack on Hindus in Assam. #कोंग्रेस_आतंकियों_के_साथ☹️ असम का कोंग्रेसी नेता #अमजत_अली सेब की पेटी में हथियार और गोलियों के साथ हिरासत में लिया गया। हिंदुओ से भाईचारा निभाने का प्लान था ...

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