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Old video clipped to show Rahul Gandhi in bad light; Fact Check

Rahul Gandhi

Amid the ongoing Padayatra of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, a video clip is doing rounds on social media showing him talk about petrol and boosting the India economy. The caption in Hindi read:”मुझे तो राहुल गांधी के भाषण का इसलिए इंतजार रहता है क्यूँकि जब भी बंदा बोलता है, कच्चा मसाला मिलता है पोस्ट करने को.. ‘अब पेट्रोल से ट्रैक्टर-ट्रक ...

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Old Syrian video passed off as Taliban executing women this time; Fact Check

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan on Sunday, August 15, has sent old memories of their rule during the 1990s return to many people around the world. Here’s one such video that is making rounds. The Taliban or the Islamic militia in Afghanistan are known for their atrocities including denying basic rights to women. Coinciding with the takeover on Sunday, a ...

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Amit Shah asking LK Advani to leave the stage? Fact check

A video showing BJP president Amit Shah directing senior BJP leader LK Advani togo somewhere has gone viral on social media. The caption said, “Open insult to Advaniji”. It further read:”Height of arrogance as Amit Shah directs party veteran leader Advaniji to go off the stage, thus insulting the person who made the party stand on its own.” The video ...

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