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This video showing Muslim women being harassed is not from India; Fact Check

  As the controversy over wearing hijab in Karnataka pre-university colleges is widening across the country, a video is being shared on WhatsApp and Twitter with a claim that a group of Muslim women are being harassed by a right-wing Hindutva group. While the hijab controversy is being taken up by the state high court, colleges and schools are shut ...

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Arvind Kejriwal never said his family roots were in Jan Sangh Parivar; Fact Check

A short video clip is going viral on social media in which AAP chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal says:“Our family was of the Jan Sangh Parivar. We are born ‘BJPwallah’. My father was in Jan Sangh. He went to jail during the emergency.” “हमारा जनसंग का परिवार है , पैदाइशी भाजपा वाले है हम” – संघी केजरीवाल @LambaAlkapic.twitter.com/4eu2otSxk2 ...

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