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Is CRP Test necessary before taking the COVID vaccine? Fact Check


With the beginning of the third phase of covid vaccinations in India, there is a surge of information regarding the vaccines available online. With the third phase of vaccination, citizens above 18 years of age are eligible for the covid vaccine. Digiteye India received a fact check query regarding the vaccination. The viral message reads, “CARDIOLOGIST DR.SURENDRAN’S SUGGESTION: Before taking ...

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Can applying coconut oil in the nose prevent COVID-19? Fact Check 

Among the plethora of home remedies available online to prevent COVID, the latest remedy states that applying coconut oil in the nose four times a day can prevent COVID-19. Most home remedies do not have concrete scientific proof to back their claims and this is no exception. The claim has been shared multiple times on social media. Digiteye India also ...

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Has the ICMR issued a new COVID-19 advisory? Fact Check 

A 21 point advisory allegedly issued by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is going viral on social media. The advisory has been shared numerous times. The list of pointers includes dos and dont’s regarding travel, ordering food, hygiene etiquettes, etc. Out of the 21 points, some of them include – Do not eat outside food for 1 year ...

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Have the Armed Forces opened 1,000-bed COVID Centre near Mumbai Airport? Fact Check

A viral WhatsApp forward claims that the armed forces have started a COVID care centre near Mumbai Airport. The message claims that the “1000-bedded Covid Care Hospital is very close to Domestic Airport Terminal 1, Santacruz” in Mumbai. The centre will be manned “by critical care specialists, pulmonologists, doctors and nursing officers of the Indian Armed Forces.” The address is ...

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Fact Check: Was journalist Pragya Mishra murdered in broad daylight?

A gruesome image of a wounded woman sprawled on a road is going viral. The image shows the woman lying on the road with blood around her stomach and people have gathered around her body. The image has been going viral on social media with many netizens claiming that the image is of journalist Pragya Mishra. In one of the ...

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Does lying down on chest in prone position increase oxygen levels? Fact Check

A WhatsApp message forward claims that lying down on the chest and deep breathing increases and improves oxygen levels in the body. The message which has been forwarded many times claims to recount the personal experience of an individual who was suggested this method by “the best pulmonologist of the country.” The message claims that lying down on the chest ...

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