Corrections Policy

It is our sincere endeavour to bring out the truth and mistakes may slip into our efforts. Whenever we are wrong, we say it openly and stand to correct the wrong stories. We inform our readers immediately about the correction and place the fact on social media platforms such as Twitter and WhatsApp. We are always open to constructive feedback and criticism from the readers and the public.

While we strive to correct the stories immediately, in some cases the correction process may take a minimum of ten days to be processed, re-checked and re-published. However, it may take more time depending upon the data search required for the story or in case of some unavoidable circumstances.

Send Your Complaints:

We encourage our readers to send their cmplaints or suggestions to correct any of our published articles to email: They can also reach us on WhatsApp Helpline No.: 9632830256.

Our Corrections List:

This page contains all articles, which have been corrected by Digiteye India team based on our readers’ suggestions and other inputs. This is a constant effort by us even after the publication of stories to keep the readers updated, as part of our policy to keep open to any criticisms, suggestions or updates to news events covered by our team.


1. The first version of the story headline: ‘Truth given Fake News cover-up, Chandrababu Naidu trolled for it’. When this story was taken up for fact-checking, the original tweet was made to disappear and a new plaque revealing the name of the Unity Statue in the Telugu language was available. Later, when original evidence appeared about the old plaque without showing name in regional languages, we have duly corrected the story and made it clear to our readers on the page.
Corrected Version:

2. The first version of the story failed to distinguish the term top advertiser and top brand and the first news report went out stating that ruling party BJP was the top TV advertiser. But when it was found that the two tables given by BARC (listed now in the story) were different, we have changed our story and released the corrected version, stating clearly that the old version had a factual error.
Corrected news report:

3.  A PTI report quoting local Divisional Forest Officer said several trees were removed without obtaining permission for a helipad at Bolangir in Odisha and an enquiry was ordered. PTI later removed the story. The above story has been updated with the original video showing the trees felled and another TOI Bhubaneshwar’s tweet quoting officials that shrubs and bushes were cleared and not full trees as claimed in these stories. We could not independently verify with officials but used TOI source for the authenticity of the claim. However, we were able to get an older image of Bolangir aerial map that showed no trees in the area where the helipad was built. We have incorporated the updates in our corrected version.

Corrected news report: One helipad for PM means cutting 1000 trees? What’s the truth?


4. Our fact checked story on Mitron App’s claim as Indian and published on June 3, 2020 has been corrected incorporating the latest developments. When the story was initially published on June 3, the App was taken down by Google citing non-compliance with rules. However, the same has been restored and the company has stated on its Google Store page that the problems have been fixed, as checked by our reporter.  We have duly updated our story, which can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Newsreport with correction: Is Mitron, new rival to Tik Tok, really an Indian made app? Fact Check


5. Our story on Coconut oil as a cure to Dengue stands revised to debunk the claim clearly. The July 26, 2020 story checked the claim in two parts — anti-bacterial claim and as a cure to dengue fever. The conclusion has been revised as the question of antibacterial elements in coconut are redundant since the claim is cure to Dengue, which is caused by virus. We have removed redundancy and made it clear that anti-bacterial treatment is not a cure to virus.

See the corrected version: Coconut oil protects humans from dengue fever? Fact Check




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