No, Biden never asked people to get vaccinated before Hurricane Ian; Fact Check

Social media is abuzz with a video clip of US President Joe Biden showing him urging Americans to prepare for Hurricane Ian’s landfall in Florida by getting vaccinated against Covid-19. Biden is shown encouraging residents of hurricane-prone states, especially Florida, to get vaccinated to minimize their risk of infection during evacuations or when grouped in shelters.   View this post ...

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English Cricketer Moeen Ali not boycotting IPL, wrong tweet goes viral; Fact Check

A message on Twitter in the name of English cricketer Moeen Ali claims that he is boycotting IPL over former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s controversial statements against Prophet Muhammad. The viral tweet using the handle “@Moeen_Ali18” said: “If India does not apologize for its blasphemous statement, I will never go to India to play match again, I ...

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No, Biden was not shaking his hand in thin air but gesturing; Fact Check

A viral video of US President Joe Biden has gone viral on Twitter and WhatsApp showing him as if about to shake hands with someone. The viral video, showing only 30 seconds of a 40-minute speech by Biden, focuses on his finishing the speech and turning to his right with his hand extended. However, the claim by Washington Free Beacon, ...

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Did Ukraine host US-funded biological labs to make bioweapons? Fact Check

Two weeks into the invasion of Ukraine, Russia claimed that US-funded labs in Ukraine are into making bioweapons, which has made many many global media outlets seek truth from the United States. A spokesperson for the Chinese government called on the Pentagon to disclose details on biolabs in Ukraine, while Fox News host Tucker Carlson questioned the US on this ...

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Image shows Air India flight over Ukraine airspace despite war; Fact Check

As flight-tracking website Flightradar is known for showing all the flights around the world avoiding Ukraine airspace due to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, a picture showing one aircraft in red and claiming it to be of an Air India flight AI121 as a showcase of India’s power under PM Narendra Modi. Ever since Ukraine was under attack from the Russian ...

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