Can I get coronavirus from currency notes and coins? Fact Check

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, unease has circulated on social media platforms whether handling cash and coins could aid in the transmission of the virus. As the virus can stay on notes for more than 9 days, it has led to concern among people and traders who deal in cash. Here are some concerns making rounds on social media: Fact ...

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Is China cancelling the US dollar peg? Fact Check

With the increase in the number of people affected by the coronavirus, there has been a surge in the number of fake news being circulated. Amid the health crisis which the world is in, a financial and economic crisis is also underway involving business houses and prominent company heads. In the domain foreign exchange, several stories have been making rounds ...

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Wibs bread shut down after worker tests positive? Fact Check

Wibs Bread, located in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, produces about 3,000 slices of bread per hour and the company retains 46% of the market share in Greater Mumbai. But amid the coronavirus outbreak, Wibs Bread is going viral for a wrong reason on social media platforms. Digiteye India received the following message on WhatsApp for fact check: Wibs is a ...

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Claims of Joy Alukkas owner dies of coronavirus go viral; Fact Check

Digiteye India received a message forward which stated that the owner of Joyalukkas jewelry group — Joy Alukkas — is dead. The message, which is making rounds on social media, claims that the owner of the group is dead because of the coronavirus but his body could not be brought back to India because of the current lockdown in the ...

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WHO advised not to eat bakery food items due to Coronavirus? Fact Check


A message started circulating widely on social media with a message asking people not to eat bakery food.It claimed that the bakery food is not washable even if infected from the coronavirus. The message next to the logo of the World Health Organization (WHO) started attracting attention at a time when Coronavirus is closely monitored by people and they look ...

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