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Is polio vaccine shortage a fake news?

Just 10 days before the country was to take up the pulse polio drive, fake news started appearing that there is a shortage of polio vaccine and the National Immunization Day scheduled for February 3 will be postponed. While the message was slowly gaining readership on social media, online news publication “The Print” published a story on Thursday headlined, “India ...

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Did Hyderabad Police ban kite flying? No, truth is different!

When PTI puts out a story, it means hundreds of replications in several publications that usually publish its feed automatically without editing. Similarly, a story was put out by the news agency on January 11 and 12 on the eve of the Sankranti festival in Hyderabad, which also coincides with the city’s popular sport of kite flying from the rooftops ...

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Did Naseeruddin Shah ever say ‘India is a dangerous and pathetic country’?

Just a few days after making sensitive comments about Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli, acclaimed actor Naseeruddin Shah has once again triggered another controversy for his alleged comments against the living conditions in India. It all began after a news article published in Dainik Bharat claiming that Naseeruddin has called India a “pathetic and dangerous” country to live in. ...

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Has Bengaluru’s Namma Metro Pillar 155 really got twisted? What’s the truth?

Take a look at this pic pls.. pic.twitter.com/VALwWvziI5 — Harsha BM (@Harshagautam) December 12, 2018 On Thursday, December 13, Bengaluru was choc-a-block with vehicles and many were taken aback at the unusual traffic overflow on the roads. Later, on WhatsApp a message started making rounds that Bengaluru’s Namma Metro Pillar 155 at Trinity circle was damaged and the Metro services had been stopped ...

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Did people worship tarred roads in Tripura barefoot? What is the truth?

A photograph featuring a tarred road where people stand barefoot as if they enter a temple is now the hottest debating point among political buffs in India. The image was shared widely by right-wing supporters, and they claimed that it is Narendra Modi’s governance which actually has brought a positive change in India. Some Modi supporters even went ahead and ...

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Did Yogi Adityanath say Nizam fled Hyderabad in 1948?

Telangana is not Uttar Pradesh and people of Telangana are not fools to believe that they are still under the rule of the Nizam. But UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, unaware of Telangana’s history, told a rally that the erstwhile ruler fled in the wake of India taking over the Nizam state. On Sunday, speaking at an election campaign in ...

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