The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi paying floral tributes at the Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi, at Rajghat, on the occasion of 71st Independence Day, in Delhi on August 15, 2017.

Did Narendra Modi refer Sonia Gandhi as the widow of Congress? What’s the truth?

Indian National Congress supporters in social media have been sharing a series of posts in the past couple of days which state that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called Sonia Gandhi the widow of Congress. The full version of Narendra Modi’s Jaipur speech is now uploaded on the prime minister’s official YouTube channel, and the alleged remarks start at the 41st minute.

Here’s the video:

Sanjay Jha, the Congress spokesperson too shared a tweet originally uploaded by a Twitter user named ‘Gaurav Pandhi’ and alleged that RSS has a filthy culture. He also added that prime minister Narendra Modi is sick.

In the video shared by Gaurav Pandhi, prime minister Narendra Modi was seen asking the question, “Who is the widow in Congress to whom all the money used to go?”

These social media posts soon went viral, and people started criticizing Modi for making such derogatory remarks against one of the most powerful women in India. Supporters of the Indian National Congress pointed out that Sonia Gandhi became a widow as her husband Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by the enemies of India. They also assailed Narendra Modi for making such an insensitive comment against Sonia Gandhi.

What’s the truth?

Narendra Modi had made these comments during a rally in Jaipur on December 4, 2018. In the video, he was seen referring to various corruption scandals during the reign of Congress government, and the alleged disgraceful remark came while he was talking about the widow pension scheme and not the widow in Congress as claimed.

During the speech, Narendra Modi alleged that money (pension) has been credited into several alleged widow accounts which never existed in reality. However, in the speech, Narendra Modi never mentioned the name of Sonia. But it led to an open misinterpretation by the general public.

Conclusion: Just by tweaking words, allegations have been made against Narendra Modi and many people, including Congress leaders have fallen for the wrong message. Our rating for this story is ??  – Misinterpretation.


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