Video of a Pakistani man defending power theft passed off as Indian Muslim; Fact Check

A video of a man admitting to stealing electricity and threatening to kill anyone who would stop him from doing so is being widely shared. The video has gone viral on social media with some users insinuating it as an example of the Taliban culture born in India.

The video has been shared on twitter with different captions.

One such caption read: “This innocent Indian Muslim stealing electricity with power in the country. By the way, this is common in every Muslim dominated area. Listen carefully to this… ‘I will steal electricity !! I will not agree!! I will die or I will kill’. This Taliban (culture) is born in our country itself.” (देश मे दमदारी के साथ बिजली चोरी करता ये मासूम भारतीय मुस्लिम .. वैसे हर मुस्लिम बहुल इलाकों में ये आम बात है | गौर से सुनिए इसको…बिजली चोरी करूंगा !! नहींं मानूंगा!! मरूंगा या मारूंगा। ये तालिबान तो देश के भीतर ही पैदा हो रहा है )

The tweet was also shared on Twitter as seen here and here with different claims or insinuations.

Fact Check

When Digiteye India team checked a frame from the video in a reverse image search, the results threw up the original video that was more than a year old and uploaded on July 27, 2020 by K-Electric, an energy company which supplies electricity to the Pakistani city of Karachi.

A simple search on Google revealed that the incident occurred in Karachi and was reported in local media too.  The local report said that the K-Electric had served the person a bill of Rs. 1.7 million too. Identified as Atta-ur-Rehman Swati, the man was allegedly stealing electricity by using a hook. When asked to restore a meter by K-Electric officials, he protested and said he would either die or be killed but will never allow anyone to remove the hook from the power line nor restore the meter.

Claim: A video claims an Indian Muslim man not only admitted to stealing electricity but also threatened to kill anyone who’d stop him.

Conclusion: The man shown in the video is not an Indian as claimed.

Our Rating: Totally False —

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