Are microchips implanted during COVID-19 vaccination? Fact Check

A video with a message being shared on social media claimed that the government is planting a microchip into human bodies through the COVID-19 vaccine to eventually take control over them. The message also claimed that getting vaccinated is mandatory to obtain a passport.

The video has been shared here and at a time when vaccination has proved to be the only preventive measure to defeat the covid-19 pandemic across the world and all governments are seriously pushing for maximum vaccination of people. It has elicited several responses on Twitter too.

In the past, similar claims have been made with regard to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that it is funding vaccine research to implant microchips and then to collect biometrics of people in poorer countries aimed at population control. However, Digiteye India has, in the past, debunked such claims here and here. Further US health agencies have denied these rumours on several platforms.

An expert has debunked the notion of inserting a microchip via a needle into the human body. Melvin Sanicas, physician-scientist specializing in vaccines in the Philippines had clarified that it is not possible as the needles used for injecting microchips are different.

“The 15 gauge Microchip ID needle has an outer diameter of approximately 1.83 mm, while a 22 gauge needle (the thickest needle used for COVID-19 vaccines) measures 1.11 mm thinner with an outer diameter of 0.72mm,” Sanicas explained in a report.

Coming to the video currently in circulation, there is no credible evidence that any government is implanting microchips into human bodies in order to take control of their bodies.

Not mandatory

It may be noted that the vaccination is not made mandatory and registration on the government website Co-win doesn’t require people to necessarily take the vaccine but it is voluntary. No changes in passport rules have been announced by the government either to make vaccination mandatory. Only international travel requires vaccination certificates.

Conclusion: The government is not implanting microchips into human bodies through COVID-19 vaccine.

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