A picture of Nagpur Today on old Rahul Gandhi's rally in Nagpur was re-used now. (NT)

Congress photo on Rahul Gandhi rally in Nagpur: Fact check

The Twitter handle of Indian Youth Congress has shared four images of Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s rally held in Nagpur on April 4, 2019 showing huge crowds as audience to his meeting.

The Twitter images with had a caption that read: “The enormous wave of love and support for Congress President Shri @RahulGandhi from every corner of India is testament that India rejects Modi’s hate politics and embraces Rahul ji’s ideology of love, unity and progress. Today in Nagpur.”

It was widely shared by Congress units all over the country. However, a deeper look at these images showed several deficiencies that Digiteye India team took up for fact-checking. The results of Google Reverse Image search showed that it was indeed an old image of Rahul Gandhi’s rally in Nagpur in 2016, alongwith Sonia Gandhi, then Congress President on the occasion of 125th birth anniversary of BR Ambedkar. See the video here:

An image taken by Nagpur Today was published by the publication and shared on social media too. Here’s one such message shared on Twitter on April 12, 2016 by Congress supporter Gaurav Pandhi.

Conclusion: Though pictures belonged to the Congress Party rallies, using old pictures to portray them to indicate the present rally is misrepresentation of facts and our rating of this claim is ???.

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