Representational picture: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing a rally in UP. (PIB)

PM Modi touching Sonia Gandhi’s feet? Fake image going viral

See the above image that is widely shared and being circulated in social media depicting Prime Minister Narendra Modi touching the feet of Congress leader Sonia Gandhi. The caption reads:

“Tell your son (Rahul Gandhi) not to mention the 72,000 minimum revenue scheme and 22 lakh jobs. Otherwise I should go back to Gujarat.”

Just ahead of elections in major parts of India, the image was uploaded on social media to create a negative message about Modi.

Since the image is unbelievable though Modi is known to touch the feet of elders as per tradition in northern India, the team at Digiteye India took it up for verification.


A simple Reverse Image search on Google and Yandex revealed a host of pictures where Modi was seen touching the feet of his political guru and BJP veteran leader LK Advani. Identifying people behind, here is the original image that showed up in our search:

The image was taken on September 25, 2013 when Modi was touching LK Advani’s feet at a rally of BJP marking the occasion of the party declaring Mod as prime ministerial candidate ahead of 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The image had become popular since LK Advani was seen looking away when Modi was touching his feet on the stage in Bhopal.

The original photo was taken by PTI on Sept 25, 2013 at a BJP rally in Bhopal.

The six-year-old image was photoshopped and Sonia Gandhi’s image replaced Advani’s in it to show that Modi was touching the feet of the opposition Congress leader.

Conclusion: This image is one among many such photo-shopped images being shared widely on social media demeaning political leaders. Our rating is ??? Misrepresentation.

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