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This blurred image from an old video of a candlelight rally was used to shw her as drunk. (Screengrab)

Was Priyanka Gandhi drunk? No, old video tweaked

After her appointment last week as Congress Party general secretary, Priyanka Gandhi has come under the scanner of many right-wing groups who have started spreading misinformation aimed at maligning her.

One such attempt was a screengrab taken from this following embedded ANI video that showed her making angry remarks way back in April 2018. It was interpreted as drunk Priyanka making slurry remarks at the media by some right-wing Facebook users such as  @Rajputsena, @IamwithAdityanath, (now removed), Humlog and  The caption underneath states that she was always drunk by evening and how Congress can fulfill its expectations under her leadership.

This blurred image from an old video of a candlelight rally was used to show her as drunk. (Screengrab)

But the video from where this picture was taken has an entirely different context. It was taken in April 2018 by ANI. The occasion was a candle light march organised by the Congress at India Gate in New Delhi as a protest against the government’s policies. Her brother Congress President Rahul Gandhi and her husband Robert Vadra were also present at this event.

As clearly seen in the video, agitated over pushing by the crowd, Priyanka Gandhi was speaking to ANI and asking those who want to push, to go back home. See the original video below:


The video grab was misused and misinterpreted by the right-wing groups to malign the reputation of Priyanka Gandhi at a time when she has been appointed as General Secretary to take on key Congress Party responsibilities in eastern Uttar Pradesh.

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