Fact Check: Morphed image showing PM Modi bowing to Gautam Adani’s wife goes viral, here’s the truth

A photo showing PM Narendra Modi bowing to allegedly a woman identified as Priti Adani, wife of Gautam Adani, chairperson of Adani Group is making rounds. The caption read in Hindi: “देश की बागडोर एक नई जमात ने संभाली है. (A new group has taken over the reins of the country). The image is being shared on social media platforms ...

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2011 video resurfaces claiming Gadkari was criticising PM over Andolanjivi remark in Lok Sabha; Fact Check

A viral clip of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari criticising prime minister is being shared with a claim that Gadkari critised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for calling protesters ‘Andolanjivi’. ‘Andolanjivi’ described by the prime minister to sarcastically describe a person who jumps from one protest to another, in his speech in Lok Sabha on February 10, 2021, talking about the ongoing ...

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Fact Check: India not invited to US President Biden’s swearing-in?

Coinciding with the swearing-in of US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on January 20, 2021, many messages on social media started making a claim that no Indian was invited to the ceremony held at the US Capitol Hill. USA में बाइडेन की शपथ ग्रहण मे भारत के सभी पड़ौसी देशों को निमंत्रण मिला! लेकिन भारत को नहीं ...

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Viral list of black money holding accounts in Swiss Bank is fake

Various posts on social media claim that WikiLeaks has released the “first list” of black money holders in Swiss Bank. The post is going viral on all social media platforms. DigitEye Team also received the message on its Whatsapp fact-checking number. Fact Check: The list contains 24 names — Sonia Gandhi, A Raja, Rahul Gandhi, Sharad Pawar, P Chidambaram to name ...

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Viral message about PM Modi’s family is false

In a series of tweets, few netizens have delineated the family tree of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The thread packs in 12 names and states the relationship the said person has with Modi along with their professions to highlight how “all of them are millionaires and some billionaires.” The thread specifically mentions that “1 to 4 are, PM Modi’s brothers ...

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Pakistan National Assembly members did not chant ‘Modi, Modi’; Fact Check

Social media users are sharing videos of Pakistan National Assembly members allegedly chanting “Modi Modi” in the middle of a parliamentary session. Along with the video, the claim states that: “लो भाई पाकिस्तान की संसद में लगे मोदी-मोदी के नारे। अभी तो यह झांकी है लाहौर कराची बाक़ी है” which literally translates in English to: “See how even the Pakistan ...

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