Rahul Gandhi saluting with left hand? Flipped fake photo goes viral

The attack on Congress President Rahul Gandhi by rivals is visible from the following photograph, which at the very first glance creates resentment for a reader. This photo was not a real one, but flipped, hence showing the right as left hand.
Being circulated by YogiSena Gkp on Facebook, this image was photo-shopped to send out a wrong notion about the Opposition leader Rahul Gandhi. See the link (now deleted)


The caption says future PM candidate (Rahul) is saluting the national flag with his left hand, thus disrespecting it. 

It reads: “This is our future Prime Minister candidate, who doesn’t even know how to salute a national flag….Hey Mother India! What will happen to you?”
Using the Reverse Image Search, the original photo was traced to NDTV’s Photo used on Aug. 15, 2011 edition featuring the Independence Day event in New Delhi at the Congress Party headquarters. It was taken during unfurling of the national flag. Here’s the real picture:

This is the right picture morphed to depict Rahul Gandhi in a negative manner

The facebook user Yogi Sena GKP (now deleted) has used the picture to flip horizontally and entered the text as shown in the picture above.
A simple photo-editing technique has been used here to send out a wrong message to people who may believe that the photo was true. Our rating of this message is ?????  (Totally false report).

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