Telangana Floods: Video clip of IAF helicopter rescuing stranded farmers; FACT CHECK

As Telangana is witnessing heavy floods, a video has been going viral claiming that it contains visuals of an Indian Air Force (IAF) helicopter rescuing flood victims. The caption reads: “Telangana: Several people in Somanpalli village stranded due to floods. Watch helicopter conducting airlift of stranded people in floods.” It was aired on India Ahead TV channel and shared on ...

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Old Haryana youth’s suicide claimed as Agnipath-triggered death by suicide; Fact Check

As India is witnessing youth outrage over the Central government’s new “Agnipath” scheme to recruit 46,000 aspirants into the ranks of the military and retire 75% of them four years later, several claims have been surfacing. #ModiMustResign #Agniveer Indian Army#अग्निवीर #ModiMustResign — JeetFixWriter (@JeetFixWriter) June 16, 2022 One such claim shows a paper clipping in Hindi that said an ...

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English Cricketer Moeen Ali not boycotting IPL, wrong tweet goes viral; Fact Check

A message on Twitter in the name of English cricketer Moeen Ali claims that he is boycotting IPL over former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s controversial statements against Prophet Muhammad. The viral tweet using the handle “@Moeen_Ali18” said: “If India does not apologize for its blasphemous statement, I will never go to India to play match again, I ...

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Wrong image claims upcoming 14-km tunnel under Brahmaputra river; Fact Check

An image is going viral in social media claiming that an underworld road-rail line is coming up under the Brahmaputra river. This has gained mileage owing to several plans related to a tunnel under the Brahmaputra river under consideration. इसे कहते हैं नया #भारत………..!! भारत की पहली पानी के नीचे सड़क व रेलवे लाइन,,,,,,,, यह #असम में ब्रह्मपुत्र नदी के ...

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No, Manmohan Singh did not tweet on banks being emptied; Fact Check

A Twitter post with a screenshot of a tweet criticising the current state of Indian banks is being shared widely despite the fact that it was from a parody account of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.  The post said in Hindi: “Leave aside what is inside the Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar and Gyanvapi. Look at what’s left inside the Reserve ...

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False video claims Khargone women arrested for pelting stones, throwing petrol bombs at Khargone: Fact Check

In a new kind of narrative, a viral video on social media claimed that a group of women was detained for pelting stones at a Ram Navami procession. It was widely shared with a claim in Hindi that said,”*MP के #खरगौन मे #हिन्दुओं पर #पत्थर और #पेट्रोल बम चलाने वाली #सलमा,#रुकसाना को जेल भेजती #पुलिस* *बाबुल की दुवाये लेती जा…………” ...

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