False video claims Khargone women arrested for pelting stones, throwing petrol bombs at Khargone: Fact Check

In a new kind of narrative, a viral video on social media claimed that a group of women was detained for pelting stones at a Ram Navami procession. It was widely shared with a claim in Hindi that said,”*MP के #खरगौन मे #हिन्दुओं पर #पत्थर और #पेट्रोल बम चलाने वाली #सलमा,#रुकसाना को जेल भेजती #पुलिस* *बाबुल की दुवाये लेती जा…………” ...

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Old video with new claim goes viral during Bodhan Shivaji statue row; Fact Check

Nizamabad in Telangana has made headlines over the installation of a Shivaji statue last week coinciding with the birth anniversary of Mahratta ruler. When two groups clashed over the issue, police made arrests and imposed section 144 to. On the sidelines, however, social media is abuzz with several claims of Hindutva groups from nearby Maharashtra state reaching Telangana on motorcycles. ...

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This video showing Muslim women being harassed is not from India; Fact Check

  As the controversy over wearing hijab in Karnataka pre-university colleges is widening across the country, a video is being shared on WhatsApp and Twitter with a claim that a group of Muslim women are being harassed by a right-wing Hindutva group. While the hijab controversy is being taken up by the state high court, colleges and schools are shut ...

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No Shah Rukh Khan did not spit at Lata Mangeshkar’s funeral; Fact Check

As Lata Mageshkar’s funeral made headlines on Sunday, Feb. 6, 2022, several celebrities paying their last rites was constantly watched on TV channels by people and one such as Bollywood star was Shah Rukh Khan, who paid his last prayers before the funeral. The most secular person .But this secularism always brings hate for him🙂#ShahRukhKhan #LataDidi #LataMangeshkarPassesAway — Azharul ...

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