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Nurse forced to touch Muslim cleric feet for remarks on Markaz? Fact Check

Digiteye India received an image with a misleading statement that Kurnool (AP) MLA Hafiz Khan has asked a nurse, who spoke to others about the Nizamuddin religious congregation Markaz as the origin of spreading coronavirus in India, to touch the feet of a Muslim cleric in repentance. See the WhatsApp image here.

Nurse touching Muslim man's feet? 

Nurse touching Muslim man’s feet?

The mentioned Vishwabharati Medical College has been designated for coronavirus treatment in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh last month and has been in news since then. The message in Telugu claims, “The mistake of this nurse (in Vishwabharati Medical College quarantine Center) is that she spoke about Markaz (Nizamuddin religious congregation) stating that those who attended the regligious congregation should have come forward on their own. This kind of situation would not have arisen if they had done it on their own for treatment.” In a sort of interpretation, the claim read:”Our rulers are ill-treating the nurses who are providing us great service in the midst of coronavirus pandemic.”

Fact Check

When Digiteye India took up the image and checked in Google Reverse Image and also in Youtube with the frame, the news about the incident came up. In fact, the Telugu news channel Sakshi has covered it and another video too showed the news.

The video related to Hafiz Khan’s visit to Rayalaseema University where he went to check the quarantine facilities for coronavirus patients. An elderly person in his team was hurt while they were taking rounds in the medical facility ten days ago. Soon, a nurse who was nearby attended to him and gave him the first aid, cleaning the wound. The video shows clearly that the blood of the wound is being cleaned by the nurse.

Conclusion: The claim in the image is misrepresenting the fact to create wrong impression among the viewers. Our rating of it is ????? Totally False.

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