Viral Ukraine war video shows man moving in a dead body bag; Fact Check

A video on WhatsApp and Twitter is going viral showing a news footage of the war in Ukraine, with several rows of dead bodies lying behind the reporter but one man is clearly seen moving inside the body bag while posing as a dead body.

The video was shared with a claim that the report on deaths in Ukraine was staged.


When we searched for the original video taking a few frames, we could zero-in on a video that was uploaded on Feb 4, 2022, when the Russian invasion of Ukraine did not happen. It was only on Feb 24 that the Russian invasion started.

The original video belonged to an Austrian TV report about climate change protesters in Vienna and the news presenter, speaking German, is narrating the protest when one of the protesters moved to pull the bag to cover him in full.

The video was wrongly used to portray the deaths occurring in Ukraine due to the war. The audio was also morphed to represent an American broadcaster talking about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Claim: Ukraine report on dead bodies was false as a man was moving to fit into the bag.

Conclusion: Wrong video belonging to environment protesters in Vienna 20 days before the war was used to claim it was from the Ukraine war front.

Rating: Totally False — Five rating

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