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Did these foreign kids sing Ramayan on TV shows in US and UK? Fact Check

In the wake of the return of the epic Ramayan on Doordarshan after 33 years, Ramayan garnered millions of views and broke many world records by becoming the highest viewed entertainment program globally. However, a recent video that has been circulating online showing two children, which the caption describes as “foreigners”,  claims that the child artistes are singing the famous ...

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Claims against Bill Gates over Depopulation go viral on social media; Fact Check

A pandemic is a ripe situation for misinformation and disinformation. From coronavirus remedies to falsely attributed videos, some conspiracy theories have spun around Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, the second richest man in the world. One that has been making rounds now is that Gates is scheming to use the outbreak to develop a vaccine that can depopulate the world with ...

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Can I get coronavirus from currency notes and coins? Fact Check

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, unease has circulated on social media platforms whether handling cash and coins could aid in the transmission of the virus. As the virus can stay on notes for more than 9 days, it has led to concern among people and traders who deal in cash. Here are some concerns making rounds on social media: Fact ...

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Is it true that 5G weakens our immunity and exposes us to Coronavirus? Fact Check 

Unlike many virus cures and home remedies, here’s an oft-repeated claim on social media, opposing 5G mobile phone networks and attributing the spread of coronavirus to 5G towers, which are increasingly becoming the target of attacks in Britain and Canada now. Fifth-generation wireless technology or 5G, is the latest cellular technology that builds on previous generations like 4G and 3G ...

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Wibs bread shut down after worker tests positive? Fact Check

Wibs Bread, located in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, produces about 3,000 slices of bread per hour and the company retains 46% of the market share in Greater Mumbai. But amid the coronavirus outbreak, Wibs Bread is going viral for a wrong reason on social media platforms. Digiteye India received the following message on WhatsApp for fact check: Wibs is a ...

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Can ginger powder cure coronavirus positive patients? Fact Check 


Amid the coronavirus outbreak, there are many home remedies making rounds to prevent or cure the virus altogether. One such claim is being forwarded on WhatsApp, which stated, ‘Observation of Efficacy of Ginger powder in Covid 19 positive patients.’ Here’s the long text defending the use of ginger powder in the name of Ayurvedic approach.   Digiteye India has already ...

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Is Namaste Trump rally behind more coronavirus cases in Gujarat? Fact Check

Trump India visit

In February 2020, Gujarat hosted US President Donald Trump along with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Ahmedabad under ‘Namaste Trump’ tagline. The event was a response to ‘Howdy Modi’ held in Houston, Texas in September 2019 when Modi visited the US. In Ahmedabad, over 100,000 people gathered and the rally’s main goal was for better relations between the two ...

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Image of Kim Jong Un dead in a coffin goes viral; Fact Check

Kim Jong unreally dead?

An image is going viral on Twitter that claims to show Kim Jong Un lying dead inside a glass coffin. This also sparked more debate on the topic and memes quickly followed flooding. Speculation around Kim’s whereabouts and his health heightened since his absence from the April 15 celebrations of the birth anniversary of of the North’s founder and his ...

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