Fake video of woman searching for lost husband on Facebook goes viral

A video that shows a woman, with her infant child pleading the public to search for her lost husband has recently gone viral on social media platforms like Facebook. In the video, the woman says that her husband has left her after making her pregnant, and stories based on this video got published in many online news portals.

“I am not dead my dear. I living well by doing a job. Look at the face of our son my dear. Now, you want to come to me, right my husband. Please come to us. We don’t have anyone else in our life, and that is why II am pleading like this,” said the woman in the video, as translated from Malayalam. Please double click on these videos:
Here’s her second video where she has confessed that it was not true:
As the video went viral, many people widely shared the clip on Facebook, and several campaigns were even started to search for her lost husband. However, after some days, the woman came forward and made it clear that the clip was actually a ‘Tik Tok’ video intentionally shot to portray her acting skills.
She even added that the videos she used to upload in Tik Tok are no way connected to her real life.
Conclusion: This news has been alarming as it is unique and posed a real challenge to fact checkers. Our rating of this news is ??? (misrepresentation)


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