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Mythical bird Jatayu mentioned in Ramayan spotted in Kerala? Fact check

A video of a bird has been shared on Twitter and Facebook claiming that the bird was the revered mythological figure called Jatayu, and it was spotted at chadayamangalam, Kerala.

In Ramayana, Jatayu (bird) tries to stop and fight Ravan who’s abducted Sita and taking her on his aeroplane to lanks. Rvana chops one of his wings and the fallen bird informs Rama who was searching for his wife Sita about her abduction. It is widely believed that Jatayu fell at Chadayamangalam in the Kollam district of Kerala.

The message clearly named Chadayamangalam, giving the message wider reach among the users as seen below:

On Twitter, it was posted by a user Senthil Andavan on July 27 and has been seen by 18,800 Twitter users and retweeted over 387. On Facebook too, it was widely shared by many.

Since the bird’s image is familiar to visitors of zoos and bird sanctuaries, Digiteye India took it up for fact checking. In Google Reverse Image, the image of the bird matched with the bird condor and further search on Google threw up a video that was uploaded on YouTube in April 2014.

The bird in question was a condor, a species of vulture found in the Andes mountain range of South America. It was rescued from poisoning and freed on March 28, 2014 on the mountain of Catamarca in Argentina by local zoo officials, said the information on video. See the original video:

Conclusion: The video was totally false and out rating for the claim is ?????

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