Video on boy tweaked to claim ‘Hindu beaten up’ goes viral; Fact Check

A video just on the sidelines of voting in West Bengal has gone viral with a claim that a Hindu boy is being thrashed by a group of men. It claimed that the boy had hoisted a flag of BJP on top of his house in West Bengal. The video was widely shared online and just before the final phase of Lok Sabha elections on May 19.

It was shared by one Mallesham Gonda @malleshamgonda on May 16 with a caption that read: “This is the position of Hindus in West Bengal. This Hindu boy hoisted saffron flag atop his house.”

It was forwarded by LT Col Dilip Kumar Havanur again claiming, “The day is not too far every Hindu crusified (crucified) like this boy. Share it maximum to reach every Hindu.”

Another tweet asked West Bengal Chief Minister to take action and clarify her stand.

When Digiteye India team searched Youtube for the video with several strings, the following video that was originally uploaded in March 2018 belonging to a Deoria in Uttar Pradesh surfaced and the boy was identified as Shamshad Mohammed.

The news report was published in local newspapers and even ANI had covered the news. The incident was about the victim who had lent Rs 1,500 to one Nasir Ansari and both had a tiff over it. Soon Nasir and his friends assaulted Shamshad at an isolated place in Deoria. See original news coverage by ANI below:

The video that was already debunked by fact checkers failed to die and made its appearance repeatedly, this time just three days before the Lok Sabha election last phase in West Bengal.

Conclusion: The video was shared with the aim of misrepresenting facts and to create fear and suspicion among the Hindus. Our rating is ??? Misrepresentation.


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