China swat drill
China swat drill on coronavirus at checking points

Video of Chinese SWAT team restraining coronavirus patients goes viral; Fact check

As coronavirus in China is spreading fast forcing the country to impose lockdown, here is a video that is going viral on WhatsApp claiming that the Chinese police are strict in restraining those with symptoms not to escape.

The video shows several officers of the Chinese SWAT team stop a car and then the driver wearing a face-mask is asked to step out. He gets down from car,  removes mask and spits on road — all clear indications of spreading coronavirus intentionally. It further shows how is caught and taken away. The video is widely circulating on social media with the claim that it shows the treatment of coronavirus victims in China.

Fact check

When Digiteye India checked the video for authenticity, it turned out to be a misleading video. as a first step, a general search on Youtube using strings — China+Swat+ coronavirus — has thrown the result of the same video but as a news that it was a mock drill. It was widely reported by international media.

A February 25 NBC News video, for instance, reported clearly that it was a mock drill by police in China’s Henan province showing how they are prepared to deal with drivers who ignore virus checkpoints following the lockdown.

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