Latest TIME magazine cover page doesn’t feature Modi, image morphed; Fact Check

A cover page of TIME magazine featuring PM Narendra Modi’s image with “Delete Fascism” written on it is going viral on social media. It was being shared widely including Hasiba Amin, who claims to be former state president of NSUI (Congress’s student wing) and currently National Convener of Congress.

Fact Check

Digiteye India team took it up and checked for its authenticity and found that the viral image is morphed as the original cover of Time magazine available on Time’s official Twitter page shows that of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg with “Delete Facebook” written on it.

Here’s a comparison of both the pictures:

Further, on the bottom left-hand side of the morphed cover page, titles of two articles with their author names can be found. While one reads “Inside the Damage” by Billy Perrico, the other reads “Change Can’t Wait” by Roger Mc Namee. Both the names can be seen in the original cover as well, but the only difference is that there is a typo in morphed version. Author’s name ‘Perrigo’ is misspelt as ‘Perrico’.

As per the Time magazine, Billy Perigo is a journalist and he has tweeted about his story being on the cover of the magazine this month. Hence, the claim is wrong.

TIME magazine cover features Prime Minister Narendra Modi with “Delete Fascism” written on it.


This image is morphed. The original TIME magazine actually features Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg’s picture and “Delete Facebook” written on it.


Totally False —

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